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Memorial Services

Honor your loved ones wishes by spreading their ashes in the sea

Memorial Service
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Beth Ann

38 Foot Wesmac

2 Hours

  • Afternoon/evening
  • 1-6 people -$425
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29 Foot Dyer

2 Hours

  • Afternoon/evening
  • 1-4 people - $425
  • No 5th, nor 6th.
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Dee H.

Our trip was a little different from most...we were on the Cape to fulfill our mom's last wishes, to have her ashes returned to the ocean she loved. Captain Rich provided several location options for her "burial at sea". When the time came, he was very discreet and allowed the six of us all the time we needed to say goodbye and compose ourselves before continuing on. We were given the coordinates where we laid her to rest, so we'll always have that reference. It was hard and sad but the Beth Ann and her crew were the best.

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