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The only 360° whale watching views on Cape Cod

Witness gigantic humpbacks, finbacks and more, or the ever dangerous great whites in their natural habitat.
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with the only 360 degree views on Cape Cod

Endangered right whales in the Spring, and large humpbacks and finbacks the rest of the season, come with us on your own private whale watch expedition with a panoramic view all to yourself. There’s no need to get squeezed in with 250 other people, nor onto a small boat with no cabin - it’s your vacation, be comfortable on our top-notch vessels.
6 passengers aboard the Beth Ann enjoying a private whale watch out of Provincetown Harbor

Beth Ann

38 Foot Wesmac

3.5 hours +/-

1-4 people - $700
5th/6th - $50 per person

Open Days

Sunset Whale Watch

Whale Watch $700 + Sunset $450
Get Both for $825
4pm - sunset
1-4 people $825
5th/6th $50 per person

Open Days

Great White Shark
Reservation Options

Let’s go on a search for these monsters, as they can be closer than you think! Race Pt. in Provincetown and Head of the Meadow in Truro are some close hot-spots, but sometimes we need to go further in our quest to find these strangely shy creatures.
Beth Ann Charters offers Great White Shark tours off the coast of Cape Cod

Beth Ann

38 Foot Wesmac

5 Hours

1-6 people - $950

Open Days

Combo - Striped Bass/Bluefish/Private Whale Watch
Reservation Options

Passengers aboard a private whale watch that combined with a striped bass/bluefish sportsfishing trip

Beth Ann

38 Foot Wesmac

5 Hours

1-4 people - $775
5th/6th - $25 per person

Open Days
  • Kacie B.

    If you're wanting an up close, life changing experience, THIS IS THE BOAT FOR YOU!!! Captain Rich got the boat in a position where the whales were breaching literally 30 feet away from us! Being in a small boat allowed for a more intimate experience, and I will never forget our trip. My husband and I were the only ones on the boat, and my husband doesn't really care for the ocean. After this trip, he's now a fan! We saw so many whales I lost count. It was a JOYOUS experience! I could not recommend him more!

  • Elsie

    This whale watch was a birthday present and it was all that I'd hoped it would be. Captain Rich got us literally in the middle of a pod of humpbacks. Truly -- everywhere you turned there were more spouts. Some solo, some side-by-side -- at least one set of three in synchrony. We could actually smell them!. And could see the white of their flippers under the water. Some came as close as 20 feet from the boat. Gorgeous and glorious.

    The boat size is key. We could look 360 degrees so there was no rushing here and there like on the big boats. One member of our party tends toward seasickness but the smaller boat meant that she had very little.

    Captain Rich even let us steer the boat, explained the technology, and entertained us with stories. It's pricey but that said, only about twice the price per person of the larger commercial watches. And so worth it. I will absolutely do this again!

  • Rick W.

    Whale watching trip with Captain Rich on the Beth Ann, best trip ever. There were so many whales we didn’t know which way to look. He predicted where they would breach numerous times.

  • Donald P

    Captain Wood provided an outstanding experience! On our first ever whale watching experience, we sat in the boat in the middle of about 40 whales all around us. The whales fed, played, slapped their fins, and showed their tales. After leaving the area we moved around to different spots seeing whales all around the area. We even got the opportunity to see a whale breach twice. Additionally, we got the experience of catching a sea bass. Captain Wood’s boat is well maintained, clean, and comfortable. Captain Wood was professional, courteous, friendly, considerate, and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for  a once in a lifetime experience - book with Captain Wood knowing he will take care of you!

  • Rachel G.

    I traveled just over 1200 miles to celebrate my 40th birthday and see whales in their natural habitat off the Stellwagen Bank.  After a miserable experience on a typical tourist style whale watch tour with over 100+ people, we woke up the next morning and made a last minute decision to call and schedule with Beth Ann Charters.  We were lucky to fit into their schedule and truly thankful they made it happen! Captain Rhys and his First Mate Zach did not disappoint.  For two of the youngest we have ever been chartered by, they were definitely professional, entertaining, and good at what they do!  Unfortunately, it was not a day for seeing any Humpback whales, but Rhys and Zach found plenty of Minke whales to watch during the duration of our outing and even a few Grey seals.  The boat ride was smooth, the open ocean was beautiful, and the peaceful and relaxing setting was exactly what we were looking for. It was an experience I won’t soon forget and am thankful to have had the opportunity to spend my day with such a great team!

  • Denise M.

    Truly great experience seeing whales off Provincetown, MA. Beautiful boat, excellent tour given by Rich of Beth Ann Charters. We saw two groups of whales very close up within all environmental guidelines. Our group (four people) had a wonderful time visiting these gorgeous creatures. Highly recommend.

  • Andrea H.

    Our day on the water with Beth Ann Charters was the highlight of our trip. Captain Rich brought myself and my boys (5 and 10) out for a day of whale watching and fishing. Somehow Rich managed to drive the boat and teach us all how to fish at the same time. He could not have been better with the kids. We saw a ton of whales and the boys caught a bunch of fish. A private charter as opposed to the big whale watching boats is well-worth the $!!

  • Sue Z.

    If you’ve ever been on a large whale watching excursion and known the frustration of trying to see around other people, or having to run from one side of the boat to another every time a spout is spotted, this trip is for you! Five of my friends and I took a morning tour and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Rich and Rhys were friendly and fun and it was so awesome to be in the middle of so many whales. Would definitely recommend!

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